I have been entrepreneurial with a passion for sales and marketing for decades.  From managing a ice skating rink and driving the Zamboni, to starting one of the first parenting websites in the 90's, to designing luggage for Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, in business, I believe in making things happen. I look for needs and match it to a profitable way in which to fill them. Eric and I have always made a great team as husband and wife and parents to our children.  Now we take his strengths of inventing, mine for business and the talents of others to improve the process of bringing products and technologies to the marketplace.  



Product Development


We at VONHUBER are dedicated to the creation and commercialization of exciting new products and technologies.  Whether it is a new consumer product to clean your kitchen or a revolutionary way to purify water, our brains are always working.

The people and the company.

VONHUBER Product Deal Count:21


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Licensing & Marketing

I have been inventing since I was a youngster ...inventing was my hobby.  A few years ago I began showing others my products and designs.  Not only did people like my products, they began buying and licensing them.  Fast-forward to the present...I have sold / licensed 21 products, with due-diligence currently being performed on many more.  I am constantly developing new consumer products in many categories.  I also work closely with companies, in development and prospecting for new products, specific to their needs.