Inventor's Project: The Importance of Strong Patents

My trip to Capitol Hill

with some inventor

friends to help put a

face of the independent

inventor on the big

patent debate. 

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Read about Andrea and Eric's IHS adventure

on Edison Nation's blog

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Amazon Launchpad Invention Tour, Atlanta, GA 

 Honored to have been invited to speak about inventors and entrepreneur AHA MOMENTS.

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Invited by David McNeil and

interviewed by Kevin McDonald. 

We talk inventing.  

Eye On Business interview 

Talked inventing on

The Licensing Jungle/ Inventor's Launchpad national podcast

Another visit to Capitol Hill to be heard...

I joined a handful of other inventors to show the media, lawmakers and their staff what an independent inventor looks like and to discuss the importance of protecting our patent system.  Read blog entry at Edison Nation

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Podcast interview with Tara Roskell's IDEAMEDIC

MORE sponsors startup competitions in cooperation with universities that team students and mentors in the commercialization of existing intellectual property. Winning teams receive prizes and support from MORE to launch their business and make it a success.

Speaking about what a good idea looks like.

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Listen and watch my appearance on The Licensing Jungle and Inventor's Launchpad talking Idea Creation and Testing.

Airs in about 6 million homes in LA/Orange counties, Virginia, Washington DC, and NYC. Watch the interview

AARP Bulletin

Part of an article titled, Kick-Start Your Career. Link.

United Inventors Association of America

Honored to have been elected to the Board of Directors.

Saddleback College Entrepreneur Program

Always enjoy chatting about inventing to the creative, eager students.

:30 Spot 

To help spread the word and let Congress know that the proposed patent reform is not good for incentivizing innovation and invention.

TRIDENT DESIGN Licensing Services

Andrea and I are now managing the inventor's portal at  Chris Hawker's Trident Design. Click here to submit your invention to our licensing team.

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Strong patents mean greater investment which means more jobs.




Eric's Amazon Launchpad Invention Tour Presentation

Released on Amazon's website, my presentation on the Aha Moment

US Inventors's 2015 Capitol Hill Inventor Series

Another trip to Capitol Hill to promote invention and innovation to members, staff and policy makers.  This visit was to teach a workshop called Prototyping and Licensing- Can’t Manufacture? License!  Thank you

Inventor Spotlight Q&A 

As part of their effort to fight the proposed patent legislation, Save the Inventor posted a blog Q&A with Eric Huber