Visit to Capitol Hill to be heard...

We were invited to join a handful of other inventors and entrepreneurs to Washington DC to meet with lawmakers and media regarding the pending patent legislation.

Another delay = hope!

Senate Judiciary delays patent legislation until after recess.

Read Sen. Leahy's announcement.


Edison Nation thanks for the honor.

Check out the comments on their forum.

Featured on Intellectual Ventures, Project Eureka website.

Did you hear?   We won (for the time-being).

The patent bill off the Senate Judiciary Committee agenda.

Read Sen. Leahy's announcement.

Flex Protect (Magic Tarp) finally hits the market.

The Highland FlexProtect Multipurpose Cargo Liner is made of heavy-duty, water-resistant material and features a fully flexible wire frame. 

"Hey Washington! I'm an Inventor, not a Troll"

My op-ed piece.